Friday, December 16, 2016

The Key to Selling Los Angeles Real Estate

Traffic on the 405 was light this morning, and I was moving along ahead of schedule. I like to be up early, so that I can feel ready for the day. There’s a sense of clarity—of calm—that comes with preparedness. I think it was my grandmother, Edith, who taught me how to be prepared. 
She also taught me that life could be a pretty fun ride. 
I accelerated and sped my convertible around a semi. 
On the back of a Kia Soul, in front of me, I saw a bumper sticker that read: LA Dreaming.
Not my dream car, I jokingly thought as I zipped past it. But as I drove by, something occurred to me. 
In the middle of this, all lime-green car, was a bumper sticker that embodied everything that LA, and the call of Hollywood stands for: dreams. 
And in the middle of all of these other cars—each with their own drivers, and their own host of unique problems—was a man who was about ready to live another day doing what he loved: selling dreams. 
You see, the best part about what I do isn’t that I get to sell the dream to people.
The best part about my job is that I make people’s dreams come true for a lifetime. 
The market for LA houses has been rising in recent years—everyone knows that real estate is HOT, right now.
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