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Acceptance and Healing | Dealing With A Loss

dealing with a loss

dealing with a lossWhen one loses a loved one, he grieves for his loss. It is a very painful process to go through, and one feels all kinds of difficult emotions at the same time. The sadness and pain will seem to be endless, yet this is all part of the experience when dealing with a significant loss.

Grief is a common response to loss. The different stages of grief one must go through is dependent on the person and how he deals with the situation. These stages are:

  • Denial – “I am not ready for this.” “This can not happen.”
  • Anger – “Why did this happen to me?” “Who is responsible?”
  • Bargaining – “If I can undo what happened, I will change…”
  • Depression – “I can’t go on without you.”
  • Acceptance – “I understand why it happened. I’m okay now.”

Coping up will take time, but it is not impossible, especially with the right attitude and emotional support.

Recover From Grief Without Losing Yourself

How do you lessen the pain? How to shorten your suffering? Do you have the right to be angry for losing a loved one? Whom should you blame? Is it possible not to feel any pain at all?

These questions have no definite answer for only time can heal the deepest wounds. Like the gracious words of Sherrilyn Kenyon – “The worst wounds, the deadliest of them, aren’t the ones people see on the outside. They’re the ones that make us bleed internally.”

Acknowledge Your Emotion For The Loss

You must let yourself feel the pain, the hurt, the anger, the sadness, and the nothingness; for suppressing them will not help you heal and recover. Express your feelings out loud.

Talk with a family member or a friend. Pour out what you are feeling inside because sometimes saying it out loud can help you think clearly and lighten the heaviness you might be feeling. You may not get direct advice but it helps when you know you are not alone in the boat.

 Your Health Is Important

One ticket to a successful recovery is a healthy body. If you turn to alcohol, or worse- prohibited drugs, to cope with the grief, then this will only make things more difficult for you. You tend to become moody, irritable and unsociable; which neither helps you or your family. Find out more by reading this page.

Faith Can Give You Comfort

Believing that everything happens for a reason and is according to the Almighty’s plan, will leave you with lesser questions about the death in your family, while giving you encouragement to move on.

Prayers are the best way to give your mind peace and comfort your aching heart. No prayer has been unanswered, however, we might receive the answer in a completely different way than we expect it to be answered.

Support Groups May Help

Some people find support groups helpful. Talking to others who have been through the same ordeal and listening to how they managed the pain and sadness will give you an insight on how to cope up. Find out a support group near you at hospitals or counseling centers around your area.

When The Pain Doesn’t Subside

There is no shortcut in recovering from a death of a loved one. Grieving in itself is an emotional toxin that distorts both the mental and emotional state of a person. The more significant the loss is, the more difficult it is to move on.

Clinical studies have enumerated several effective ways to successfully deal with the death of a loved one. Among the numerous list is to free yourself from the things that could remind you of the departed.

Moving away for a month or two, or relocating permanently could help shorten the grieving process. Sell Any House is a home-buying company that has been helping homeowners get rid of unwanted houses in Los Angeles, regardless of its home value. One of the most common reason for selling is to recover from a loss.

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